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Toronto has a lot of benefits and I enjoy taking advantage of them whenever possible. This Sunday, my friend and I went to the Blogger Beauty Brunch at Do My Hair salon on Mt. Pleasant, where we had our hair and make up done. We then ventured down to the Distillery District for some tacos and guacamole at El Catrin

We first went to the Blogger’s Beauty Event at Do My Hair which was hosted by Style Blog, The Backseat Stylers and The Souls of My Shoes. It was fun to meet everyone and have some pampering!

Here is the before and after shot! It was a very fun event, so a big, “thank you!”, goes out to the salon and the bloggers. I loved the make up, even though it was likely the most make up I have ever had on my face, and my hair cut was good. There was plenty of treats and we received gift bags with some great samples! It was a really well organized event. I will definitely be back for make up and up-dos in the future!


Facebook: Do My Hair

583 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto, ON


We then headed down to the Distillery District. I love the Distillery District for so many reasons.

  1. It is walk-able and very pedestrian friendly with cobblestone and brickwork lanes (just avoid stilettos).
  2. It is an easy on and off the highway.
  3. There is usually lots of parking.
  4. It is walk-able from Union Station.
  5. The buildings are amazing heritage properties.
  6. The shops are unique and very desirable.
  7. There are awesome restaurants.
  8. There are a ton of different events.

The shopping is also great. Got Style has killer clothing for men and women, Soma Chocolate has the most refined and inspiring chocolate creations, the restaurants have great food and attractive patios and there are a ton of small vendors, artists and antique shops that offer a great collection for anyone’s taste.

We stopped and had chai lattes at Balzacs. Balzacs has amazing baristas, there is something to be said about having a consistent drink where it tastes the same from start to finish without all of the sugar sinking to the bottom. It is a simple pleasure in life! I also admire the giant chandelier and the amazing building.

I can’t go to the Distillery District without stopping at Soma Chocolate and getting a fresh stash. I always go for the Starry Night dark chocolate bar and then pick up a few of the seasonal treats.

We had a late lunch/early supper at El Catrin. I will let the picture speak for themselves. Just be sure to order the guacamole to start, it is totally worth it!

High ceilings provide opportunity for great artwork!

Foreground – Zaramora – Blackberry – Fortuna Joven / Patron Citronage / muddled black berries / cilantro / citrus
Background – White House Sangria – white wine / Duff Gordon brandy / fresh fruit 

Huarache de Chorizo y Verdura Albanil – Sandal corn tortilla, Mexican style chorizo, purple onion, tomatillo, avocado, fresh cilantro, queso fresco, black bean puree

Close up!

Tacos El Cazador – Corn tortilla filled with foraged mushrooms, huitlacoche, queso cotija, fresh cilantro

I will totally be at El Catrin for the Mayahuel Nights every 3rd Saturday. What could be better than having  a late dinner and then staying for the party? It is going to be a blast, especially when the patio opens.


Facebook: El Catrin

18 Tank House Lane, Toronto, ON

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