On the Lam (OTL) – Brantford, ON

On the Lam in Brantford, ON is half way between where I live and where my friend lives. She had heard great reviews of this place and suggested we have a date there. OTL is a gourmet and RAW focused restaurant with a focus on quality, passion and style.

With 7 dishes and half a bottle of wine later, I was probably the happiest girl in the world.

Source: On the Lam Facebook Page

I will admit that the outside of this restaurant is in a rather odd location and it doesn’t quite look like you are in the right place when you arrive. However, I immediately loved the interior decor. Unexpected items used to decorate the walls and a big open bar that prominently features an excellent selection of liquor, wine as well as a few beer taps are the main features.

We decided to order smaller dishes, tapas-style. We started off with a bottle of pinot grigio and delved into the King Crab Carpaccio with fresh herbs, peas and corn. The dish was fantastic and the flavours melted on your tongue, the crunch of the corn and peas paired nicely with the crab’s tenderness. I am so mad that this photo turned out blurry.

We ordered the Seared Scallops with – micro green – fresh lemon – herb oil and this phenomenal take on fried chicken – brined – steamed – fried – with ginger dressing.

Puffed Potatoes anyone? These little nuggets were completed with sour cream and chives. Completely and simply delicious.

Here comes the really good stuff now–the desert hat-trick. Seeing a list of deserts like this, who would not want to order all of them?

  • Dark Chocolate Sponge Toffee – caramel cream – sea salt
  •  Banana Cream Pie – graham crumble – spiced banana puree – brulé banana – vanilla cream
  •  Key Lime Pie  – lime curd – torched meringue

My favourite was the key lime pie followed by the dark chocolate sponge toffee in second and the banana cream pie in third.

 Needless to say, I am very happy that this restaurant is half way between her and I, it gives us an excuse to go back, not that we really needed one though. I may actually book a birthday dinner here for myself in November…(yes, I am thinking that far ahead). Key Lime Birthday Pie? Oui oui!

Website: http://www.onthelamrestaurant.com/

Facebook: On the Lam

106 Queen Street, Brantford, ON

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