Magnetic Make-Up Board

Working in small spaces with limited to no counter space is a a challenge. Condos are a prime example of limited space. I’ve had my magnetic make-up board for a few months now and I couldn’t be happier having everything on hand.

Step 1 – Metal

My metal was 20″ x 15″ but you can have metal any size you want. My boyfriend got this metal off of a door of a bus while he was at work. He also taped the sharp sides with white duct tape so I wouldn’t cut myself or the fabric I used to cover the metal. Smart man!

You can buy sheet metal at Home Depot for rather cheap, just make sure you take a few magnets to see if it is really magnetic, not all galvanized metal is magnetic. You can cut your metal at home with tin snips if need be. If you are putting your metal into a pre-fabricated picture frame, then make sure you cut it to the size of the frame that you are using.

Step 2 – Frame/Mounting Method

You will want a frame to avoid any scares of your make up board falling off the wall. This just helps you to secure the metal to the wall. You could also drill holes in your metal and simply use picture hanging wire to hold it up. It depends on the look you want to go for!

Step 3 – Fabric Fat Quarter

Fat Quarters usually measure 18″ x 22″ and cost anything from $1-$10. Mine was a lovely cotton fabric for $4. You want to make sure that you will have about an inch overhang in order to glue down your fabric.

First, place your fabric on top of the metal sheet as you want it to appear when finished. Lift up the fabric corners and place just a dab of hot glue from a heated glue gun on each corner and gently smooth it out, going corner by corner. The idea here is that you want just enough to just keep it in place, you will be gluing a lot more on the back to secure the fabric.

Next, flip the board over and fold in the corners, being careful not to pull the fabric too tight. Glue down each corner and fold them in like wrapping a present. Glue the fabric along the lengths and make sure all fabric is secured with glue.

Step 4 – Magnets

At Dollarama, in the craft section, the large magnets that come in a package of 6 for $1 worked well on my items, some items required two magnets. However, Rare Earth Magnets for larger items are necessary! Lee Valley carries a great selection and the 2.5 lbs magnetic strength holds very well. I used one on my moisturizer container and works perfectly. You want it to stay on the board, but still be easy to pull off.

Now you can start to glue magnets on to your items! You need a good hot glue gun for your magnets to stick to certain containers. I had trouble with a few things sticking so I had to pull out the hotter glue gun used for wood working. Make sure that once you glue the item, you let the glue cool off for a bit before you attempt to stick it to the magnet board. Some items will require two magnets.

Tip: Glue the magnet to the lid of your items when possible. Then when you get a new product, you don’t need to pry off the magnet and re-glue it, you simply just use the old lid!

Step 5 – Magnetic Baskets

Some items will just not stick with magnets, like my cleanser container because it gets a little bit oily. As such, Dollarama has magnetic locker storage baskets which I used for my brushes and hair elastics and items that just won’t stick.

Was that not a simple and easy project and doesn’t it look great?! Everything is easily accessible and organized. In total, my project was $10.

If you’ve made a board, let me know in the comments! I would love to see a picture!
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