I recently decided to take up sewing again. It’s something that I really enjoy and I finally have the time and space after a long hiatus. To get back into things, I decided to take part in the #2018MakeNine challenge from Lucky Lucille.


I’m taking this challenge as an opportunity to use patterns that I’ve purchased and to also challenge myself to some new techniques and more difficult makes! I made my list about a week ago and I have to say that I’ve already changed my mind. Originally, here were my nine picks for 2018.

Vanessa Make 9

1. Lola Dress @victorypatterns
2. Ginger Jeans @closetcase.patterns(seriously- everyone is doing these!!!)
3. Ella Tea Skirt w/ Flounce @victorypatterns
4. Phaedra Dress @ralph_pink_patterns
5. Mito Cami @papercutpatterns
6. Louise Shirt @republiqueduchiffon
7. Ailakki Cross-Front Jumpsuit @namedclothing
8. Highlands Wrap Dress @indie_sew
9. Le 904 Two Piece Dress w/ Pleated Sleeve @dpstudio_fashion

I’ve now decided that I’ll likely skip the Ailakki Cross-Front Jumpsuit and the Phaedra Dress and opt for a couple more simple makes like the Orageuse Lisboa dress (below). Frankly, I’m a bit worried about the fit of the Ailakki Cross-Front Jumpsuit but I would like to have a comfortable jumpsuit for our honeymoon in Europe – I’ll keep looking.

Orageuse Lisboa Dress

I only plan on buying one pattern and the necessary materials at a time so we will see how this goes! I’ve already started my Lola Dress from Victory Patterns and I’m really enjoying it so far.

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