My Sewing Room + Trello

One of the things I was most excited about when we got a house was the prospect of a “craft room”. It’s been 3 years since we’ve owned the house, but I finally have a place to sew.

This room upstairs has so much natural light which is perfect for these dreary winter days and we will be putting in a storage unit opposite from the desk. My fiance had a great idea to put shallow drawers in the top along with a pull out table top so that I have more room to store and assemble patterns since the desk is also for “office” stuff. Ok, I guess I can admit that we call this room the “office”, but we really know what’s up – it’s a craft room.


My mom bought this old sewing box at an antique market and set it up for me. I have a few more little things that I would like to get, but I will wait until I need them for a project.

Speaking of projects, I have my #2018MakeNine post up and I’ve now started using Trello (thanks to Helen’s Closet) to organize my patterns, fabric and projects. Since I’m starting out without much, I can easily input and organize my fabric and patterns.

Trello Vanessa Elizabeth Blog.png

I’ve mostly worked on organizing my patterns and I’ve created a number of different labels. My favourite is the “To Buy” label because it allows me to input the pattern, but not actually buy the pattern yet! I’m going to try to keep my collection in check and not over-buy – #MinimalistSewing?

Trello Vanessa Elizabeth Blog 2.png

Again, I’m really excited for these sewing projects and having a fun way to organize everything.


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